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The Driving Genie Terms & Conditions

The Driving Genie engages directly with self employed driving Instructors, who act in their capacity as franchisees of The Driving Genie franchise, under the terms of a franchise agreement between The Driving Genie and the instructor. The contract for driving lessons is solely between the learner and their driving instructor.

To become a practicing Learner Driver

You must be 17 years old or over (16 or over if disabled)
Hold a licence that is valid for the UK (Provisional, full or appropriate foreign licence)
It is your responsibility to inform your instructor of any changes to your health or licence/insurance validation. Which include but are not limited to, health/medication changes that could affect your ability to drive, loss of driving licence.

It is your responsibility to abide by the road law at all times.
Any points or fines given during a lesson will go onto your licence and be your responsibility. The instructor will help where needed.
You MUST tell your instructor if there are any changes or points given on your licence.
It is the law that you must not turn up to your lesson with drugs or alcohol in your system, from that day or previous days.
You must be physically and mentally well enough to drive safely during your lessons.

Payment for lessons

All payments must be paid directly through your driving instructor. Usually via bank transfer.
The Driving Genie does not accept any responsibility for monies exchanged between you and your instructor.
Lessons will still be charged if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.
Your first lesson must be paid for in full upon booking and is non-refundable for cancellation.
If the lesson date requires changing, and the minimum notice period of 48 hours is given, this can be done without charge.

Block bookings/refunds/cancellations

If you pre pay a block amount and decide you no longer require the lessons; you will be refunded the remaining money that hasn’t been used for lessons.
If you give less than the required 48 hours’ notice to do this, the late cancelled lesson will still be deducted from the refunded amount. Block booking funds must be used within 6 months of the payment date. Any requests for refunds after this term will be rejected. Lessons for this payment must also be taken within the 6-month term.
You should request your refund directly through your instructor.
If you require a refund before your block booking ends. You will be charged full price, not the block booking discounted price for the lessons taken. This will be reflected in your refund.
Lesson rates vary on post coded area. If you were to take a block booking deal in one post code, then decide to move areas, the new hourly rate would be adjusted and could affect the pre-paid balance accordingly.
The Driving Genie, reserve the right to change prices at any time. Any prepayment on your account will be honoured at the rate is what upon booking.

Your instructor

Your instructor cannot guarantee lesson availability for your chosen days. They will of course work with you in choosing a suitable time and date.
Your instructor reserves the right to refuse to start a lesson if they believe the student to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If this happens, the lesson will still be chargeable,

Your practical test

He/she reserves the right to refuse use of their car for test, if they do not deem you test ready.
Cannot guarantee to be available for driving tests if dates and availability have not been agreed before booking.
Please check with your instructor before booking driving tests.


Your instructor and or The Driving Genie are not liable to you for any loss or damage caused, where and to the extent that:
There is no breach of legal duty owed to you by the relevant body or person
Such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such a breach of a legal duty
Any loss or damage, or increase in the same, results from any breach or omission by you; or
Any such loss or damage results from circumstances or matters outside of the reasonable control of the relevant person or body.
Your instructor and/or The Driving Genie shall not, in any event be liable for the losses relating to any business interests you may have included, without limitation, lost profits, loss of opportunity or business or business interruption.

“Our promises to you” 

These are solely at the Directors discretion, as the circumstances of the lesson/request will apply and may cause the offers to be withdrawn. 

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