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So you’ve failed your test, may be more than once? Feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall and just can’t understand why you keep failing? Nerves definitely play a part on your test, of course they do. But actually I’m a firm believer that they don’t make you forget what you’re doing if what you’re doing comes naturally to you. Think about a favourite subject at school and then sitting that exam. You are probably still a bit nervous, as it is a still an exam. But ultimately, you were quietly confident and didn’t forget what you knew.

Now let’s look at a subject that you don’t enjoy, perhaps didn’t pay that much attention in class, so you didn’t really learn everything you should have or didn’t study as hard because you didn’t like it. Going into that exam is different. You may not have liked the subject, but you still need to pass it. You’re not prepared, you know there’s things you don’t know 100%. You feel sick hoping that they don’t crop up in the exam. Your anxiety then causes your concentration to wander. This all effects how you end up doing in your exam. Driving tests are no different. If you’re trying to take it before you’re ready, those niggling areas that you feel you’re not 100% on WILL affect your drive. Therefore, probably having a negative impact. The Driving Genie instructors don’t teach you how to pass your test. Probably not what you want to hear right!? But what we do, is teach you how to become safe and confident drivers. If you’re a safe driver, not only will you fly through your test, because you’ll know whatever is thrown at you, you will have the confidence and experience to deal with it, you will more importantly, be safe and on the road after your test.

Please note. The Driving Genie instructors do reserve the right not to allow you the use of their car if they do not feel that you are ready and safe. Therefore, we will not be available for those of you that have rebooked their test and just want a car to take it in. We will be more than happy to guide you through this time and get your test passed as quickly as possible. But if you’ve not had lessons with us previously, we would request that you have an assessment lesson first, for us to give you any feedback needed to get you that long sought-after pass. It is a waste of YOUR money and time if you keep trying the test when you’re not ready.

Zero Faults

Meet Chloe McGill.

Chloe had taken an intensive driving course with another driving school and failed her test. The best course for her to take with The Driving Genie was the Test Rescue, and we are delighted to announce Chloe went on pass her driving test without any faults.

A ZERO FAULT pass is very rare, well done Chloe.

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