Beginner Lessons With The Driving Genie

So, you’re thinking about starting your driving lessons in Swindon or Halkirk and feeling a bit anxious as to what will happen on your first driving lesson? If so, let me put your mind at rest by telling you what will happen in your first driving lesson with The Driving Genie.

Firstly, you will not be driving away from your house. So don’t worry about anyone peeking out the window to watch you drive away! We know that would put you under immense pressure, not to mention you may not live in a suitable area for you to drive away from. Therefore, your Driving Instructor will drive you to the nearest suitable place. It will be a nice quiet road so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing rather than worrying about oncoming cars! Once there, you will swap over into the driver’s seat. This may be the first time you’ve sat in that seat, so it can be a bit daunting. The Driving Genie driving instructors are all very friendly, so they will do their best to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.

You will first learn the cockpit drill. This is how to set up the car correctly, which includes the driving seat position, setting up your mirrors, and learning how and when to use them. Ensuring your seat belt is on correctly and the laws of using it. To simple, but important, things like making sure the car doors are closed properly and how to open them safely. Your Driving Instructor will then talk you through all of the important controls of the car. Including the gears for a manual driving lesson and of course the pedals. So please don’t worry if you’re coming to your first ever driving lesson, we don’t expect you to know anything!

However, if you’ve had some driving experience, we will always pitch the driving lesson to suit your needs. Then the fun starts! You’ll be learning how to move the car off and stop it safely, and will most likely if you’re on a manual driving lesson, learn how to change gear too. Don’t worry we will be talking you through every step of learning to drive from start to finish. All of our Driving School cars are dual-controlled, which basically means we have our own brake and clutch. So if should you need any extra help, we’ll be able to step in and keep you safe. Your future driving lessons will likely follow on to learning how to turn left and right and emerge safely from junctions. Again, this will be in a quiet area.

In your driving lesson, you will be learning how to observe effectively on the road, be taught different priority situations, and how to effectively deal with them. As your driving lessons progress you will learn to drive on roundabouts, starting will small quieter ones and working up to busy multilane roundabouts. And of course, don’t forget the Magic roundabout!! There are so many different aspects to learning to drive safely, this is just a few examples. You will progress on your learning-to-drive journey at a pace that suits you. The Driving Genie will never make you learn to drive on roads that you’re not ready for, but equally, zoom you through the learning to drive process if you’re a fast learner! Hold tight, this is where your journey to getting your driving licence begins…

The Driving Genie caters for both manual driving lessons and automatic driving lessons in Swindon, Halkirk and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your driving lessons or get booked in.

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